Eco Fit: A Comfortable and Classic, Straight Leg Jean for All Diaper Types.  Made with Cloth Diapers in Mind.  Adjustable Snap system allows pants to wrap around the bulk of any diapers.  Adjustable Accent Cuffs allow for customization of the inseam as your child grows.  Baby Jeans that last through months and months of growth....

Pomona Size
Standard Clothing Size
Appx Age
Inseam (inches)**  Rise Weight  Waist
Eco Fit Size 1
3 up to 12 mo
6 - 9.25" 16" 12-20 lbs  14-20.5"
Eco Fit Size 2
9 up to 24 mo
8.5 -11.5" 16.5" 19-25 lbs  15-21"
Eco Fit Size 3
18 mo-up to 2.5 yrs
10.5 - 13.5" 17.75" 24-30 lbs  16.5-22.5"
Eco Fit Size 4 2T-3T+ 2.5 yrs up to 3.5 yrs 12.75 - 15.5"  18.5"  30-40   17-23.5"


*When measuring Child, Include Diaper.

**First Length (Inseam) is Pant leg rolled up twice; Second Length is pant leg at longest length.  Shorts have inseam listed on individual product pages.

*A little extra shrink room is built into the length of each pair to accommodate any need to use a dryer.

***Please note, there is no need to 'size up' when purchasing to use with cloth diapers.  Pomonas have a nice size bum that adjusts to the bulk of all types of diapers.  The hips also 'give,' eliminating any pulling or restriction of movement.  

The BEST Size Gauge is to order using Inseam (inside leg length) and Standard Clothing Size.  If you have any questions or need help with sizing, please send an email to or ask first hand users on the Project Pomona BST/Chat FB Page


Traditional Fit Jeans 

Pomonas have been a big hit for cloth diapered children!  This fit caters to those who use Disposable Diapers on their children. Straight, Modern Leg.


Standard Clothing Size
Inseam (inches)*
Rise Weight Waist
TRAD Size 1
15.75  12-20lbs  14-20" 
TRAD Size 2
8.5 -11.25"
 16.5"  19-25lbs 15-20"
TRAD Size 3
10.5 - 13"
16.75"   24-30lbs 16-20.5" 
TRAD Size 4 2T-3T 13-16" 17" 30-40lbs 17-22"


Stretch Waist Jeans for Older Kids

Pomonas for Potty Training or Trained Children.  Easy up and Down.  No center snap/button to irritate little bellies or restrict movement. Wider ankle opening to fit over tops of shoes. Sizing Based on Standard Size Chart:


Size Waist Inseam
3Y 16.5-20 13.5-17
4Y 18-21.5 15.5-19
5Y  20-22.5 18-21.5
6Y 21-23.5 20-23.5





Little Skinny Ones Stretch Waist Jeans: (coming back Fall of 2018)

Pomonas for Skinny Potty Trained Kiddos!  Stretch Waist makes for independent potty breaks.  No center snap/button to irritate little bellies or restrict movement.  (When typical store-bought pants are too big or bulky in the waist and butt once you find the correct length)

Size Inseam Waist Leg Opening  Rise Hips
2T/3T   12.75-15.5"  15-20"  11"  16.5" 21
3T/4T 15-18" 16-21" 11"  16.75" 22
4T/5T 17- 20.25" 16-22" 11.5" 16.75 23






Sports an adjustable waist and hip panel.  Low front rise gives extra comfort for baby bellies*.  Back rise gives ample room for all diaper types.  Accent cuff options provide many inseams within each pair.  Use this fit longer, need fewer pants... Pomonas.













Inseam (inches)*
Front Rise Back Rise
Size One
6" 9.75"
Size Two
6" 10"
Size Three 
6.5" 10.5"