Project Pomona is honored to partner with some wonderful Photographers.  These images have been submitted by 'Working At Home Moms', just sharing their beautiful work, which happens to include Pomonas!  Check out their work and find out if they are local to you!




 Raleigh, NC


Meet Julia
I received my first camera as a gift for my seventh birthday and have been shooting ever since. I’ve studied journalism, documentary and fine arts photography at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies, Corcoran College of Art + Design, Studio Vermès in Paris and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. But most of my experience comes from more than two decades of observing and capturing the world around me through a lens. My photos have appeared in a variety of publications and exhibitions. I hold a bachelor’s in French from Duke University and a master’s in medical journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill. My proudest accomplishments are—hands down—my two tiny daughters. We live in Raleigh, NC, and sometimes, when we’re really lucky, in Dillon, CO. When not photographing or writing, I'm usually hiking, biking, skiing or undertaking some crazy home improvements (or just being a mom in sweatpants changing diapers).
Glendale Heights, IL
Meet Kayla
In a way, photography has always been a part of me. Honestly, it is in my blood. My great grandfather was a photographer; and the love of photography has rubbed off on many of my family members through the years. I remember admiring my daddy's 'fancy' camera as a little girl; and playing around with my own (much cheaper) version since the age of 3 or 4. I used to take pictures of anything and everything; fascinated by the fact that I could freeze time and keep it forever. As I grew, so did my love of photography; and my interest in it as an art; a way to express my thoughts, feelings and views. I became more interested in the mechanics of the camera; and learning all of the 'finer points' of being a true photographer (as opposed to a 'picture snapper'). It wasn't, however, until my son came along (2 years ago) that I really grabbed onto my camera and took flight. Photographing him was the most exhilarating, most powerful, most amazing feeling to me....