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"There’s one thing you should know about pants for cloth diapers.
Pants aren’t really MADE for cloth diapers. And that’s the truth!

But then along came Meghan at Project Pomona Jeans –
and her amazing pants for cloth diapers 
(you should know, she makes more than jeans!) more"

        • Mama's Baby Cupcakes"Comparing Size One vs. Size Two"-August 22, 2013

          "Here is a little about Brantley's age and size: 4.5 months old, 16 lbs, 17 inches around tummy, 12 inches from navel to ankle...(read more)"

      • Our Piece of Earth: "Project Pomona has got your baby covered"- August 11, 2013 "The jeans feature the simple snap system, where each side has 4 different snaps to get a customized size, whether you have a skinny minnie or a little chunk. Your baby is perfect and deserves jeans that will fit their body. The snaps make diaper changes fast and easy.  No more tugging at them to pull them down over their diaper.  No more pulling baby across the floor as you try to get their jeans off.  {Come on, you’ve been there too, right?}  The generous room in the butt means your baby can actually move in their jeans."

      • Padded Tush Stats: “Tara & Carolyn’s Top Picks – Pomona Pants” -June 27, 2013

        “Whether you use disposable diapers or cloth diapers, these are INCREDIBLE. They last SO long on my kids and give me more bang for the buck than any other pants I have bought for my kids (including those bought at consignment stores). There are multiple snaps on the side so you can get the waist really small, or really large. Plus the bottoms fold up to a cute print, so you just keep folding less and less and your child grows. They look great, plus they cover diapers so well.”


      • Eco-Babyz: “Project Pomona Jeans Review” April 26, 2013

        “I can say these are easily the best fitting pants Baby T has. With the Slim Fit Pomonas this is true for times when he is wearing a disposable, a trim cloth diaper, and even a moderately bulky cloth diaper. I just love that his bum is always covered, even when he is doing that cute toddler squat. There is so much freedom of movement in these pants! He is always bothered by others, but in these he doesn't even notice he has them on. Because of the snap-on design, there is a lot of room in the hip area for any size diaper and for moving around. “



      • The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom: “New Cargo Shorts Review”  April 19, 2013

        “The first thing I noticed about the shorts was the great quality! They are so well made and the material feels great! They fit Isaac  great, with or without a cloth diaper! When he has a cloth diaper on you can't even tell! There's not a big fluffy bum or bulging around the legs or waist! They fit great around the diaper area and around the waist and I can adjust it if I need to!”



      • Viva Veltoro: “Project Pomona Review” Janurary 21, 2013

        “New to their line-up is the Slim size.  These jeans work well for cloth diapered babies that are below average in weight, or for children who exclusively use disposables. New to their line-up is the Slim size.  These jeans work well for cloth diapered babies that are below average in weight, or for children who exclusively use disposables.”




Simply Real Moms: Your Child’s Most Comfortable Pants! January 3, 2013

“I have a big problem with the majority of jeans out there for toddlers—they are not comfortable. They’re stiff, itchy around the waist and don’t move with a child.

I have a daughter, so my solution has been to just put her in jeggings, but there are times I would prefer the look of real jeans. Plus, all the moms of boys I know steer clear of the jeggings look for their sons, which is probably wise. I had given up ever finding a pair of normal jeans that would be comfortable for my daughter to play in when Project Pomona came to my attention.”


A Year with Mom and Dad:    "Project Pomona Cloth Diaper Jeans"   - Nov 30, 2012   

 " I love the thoughtful details in the PP jeans I received.   From a generously stretchy back elastic, to roomy “bum” area! These jeans fit so great over my son’s fluff-diapered bum! The contrast stitch detailing is superb and authentic as well.  Like little man jeans!   The front opening of the diaper is especially considerate of cloth diapered babies. It snaps open on both sides, so you have a large opening. No more struggling to force too-tight pants on over a diaper."

    • Sew Fatty:   "Project Pomona Jeans Review"  - June 7, 2012  (VIDEO )Sew Fatty:    

      "I am hooked on the Pomona Jeans. They fit so nice and comfortable on my son. The diapers I've used while wearing the Pomona Jeans are (bum genius, blueberry, rumparooz, smartipants, just to name a few.) I love that they are totally adjustable in the waist and length we all know that babies grow up so fast and to have that option to make smaller or bigger is amazing. I love our Pomona Jeans and I will definitely be purchasing some shorts for the summer. If your having a hard time finding the right pants or shorts for your little ones these are definitely worth trying. You can't go wrong with Pomona Jeans." 


      Mommy's Favorite Things:      "Merry Fluffy Giveaway Spotlight" - Nov 30, 2012             

      "I washed the jeans and onesie each one time before trying them on him. They fit him great!! He's a pretty little guy so I'm surprised how well the jeans fit him. They're cuffed right where they should be and they are just the perfect length. 


      Letting Life Happen:  "VEDA Day 7- Project Pomona" - August 7, 2012 (VIDEO REVIEW)


      Confessions of a Messy Mama"Project Pomona Review"- September 29, 2012

       "These jeans are amazing!  First the versatility of these pants are amazing.  I mean really, they are amazing.  I am in love with these jeans!  Let me first touch on the sizing of these jeans.  These jeans that I received are a size 2 and should fit FB for 9 months.  I won't need to buy her a different pair (or 2 or 3) every 3 months.  That is going to save money and lots of it... 
Now on to the style factor.  Did I say how much I love these jeans?  I LOVE these jeans!  The denim used is so incredibly soft.  The wash is just the perfect blue.  This mama really knows her stuff.  I'd be willing to bet that she has the best dressed kids on the block."


      Niki, The EvalGal "Project Pomona Review"- August 6, 2012

      "The pants leg also has a fold over design, that way they can fit for a different array of babies. With these two features put together (fold over legs and adjustable waistband), Project Ponoma just figured out an amazing way to save mommies a bunch of money!  How is that you ask?  Well, because of these features there are only THREE sizes that your child would go through from approximately ages 3 months to 2T!!!!"


      Tummy2Bummy: "Project Pomona Review" - July 28, 2012

      "I would highly recommend Project Pomona to anyone that is looking for a great pair of jeans for their child.  You will be completely satisfied with your purchase, happy that you are supporting a mom owned business, and proud that you bought something made in the USA of great quality materials.  Oh- and you are saving money by having  3 different sizes in one pair of jeans,  now THAT’s awesome!"


      Kelly Wells- July 14, 2012

      "...Honestly, I was not sure what I would think of these Pomona Pants.  They looked super cute, but how would they actually function? Well, let me tell you... you NEED a pair.  I am in love."


      The Mommy Goods: "Project Pomona Review" - July 24, 2012


      Eco Baby Mama Drama:  " Orchard Pockets Sponsor Spotlight and Review" - April 19, 2012


      One More Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest: "Project Pomona Review & Giveaway!" - April 12, 2012


      Daily Mothering:   " Jeans with Bugs Accent" - March 27, 2012


      Four Little Monsters and Me :" Jeans with Slate Accent" - March 1, 2012


      ChangeMatt"A Cloth Diapered Bum's Best Friend" - July 10, 2012




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      Customer Reviews:


      "Just had to let you know, I recently received my order of Little Lizard Jeans, a top and onesie.  The quality and sheer cuteness of these articles, way exceeded my expectations.  Everything  looks so cute when you see it on-line, but in person, Project Pomona delivers!  As an added plus, my package arrived on 7/13/12, right before our 3rd Annual Uncle Sam Jam Blast that evening.  We had over 75 people at this party and everyone of them raved about the quality, originality and excellent price of the outfit I purchased.  Many moms in Michigan will now be dressing their babies in Pomona!"   -Leslie, July 20, 2012


      "I'm so impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of these jeans! The fabric is very nice and the stitching and fit are perfect. My daughter is six months old and fits perfectly in the Size One, but I can tell that it will definitely fit for quite a while as she continues to grow. I didn't realize when I placed my order that the waistband also expands with the multiple snap locations, which is a huge plus. LOVE these jeans and will definitely be buying another pair once my little girl grows out of her first pair." –Jennifer (Etsy, March 1, 2012)


      "Received the Size 2 jeans in the mail and I put them on my LO right away! The jeans fit perfectly. She is 9 months and 18 lbs, they fit perfectly around the waist on the smallest setting and the length was a little long on the smallest setting. I had to roll them up to show a little jean on the cuff. But she will quickly grow. Also put these on an 18 month old i watched and they fit perfectly on her on the smallest setting for the waist and all the way rolled out! (Facebook Reviews)


      "Just got my baby girl's tree frog jeans ( I know it says boys but I think they are beautiful for a girl too!) they are beautiful I love them..we use old cloth nappys and the jeans fit so well over the nappys..thank you so much..i love them i love them i love them !!!" (Facebook Review)

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