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'Black and White' New Release Giveaway


Spot Light: Black and White

Did you know that Project Pomona now has 3 Pant Styles?


ECO Fit: A Cloth Diaper Friendly Fit

TRAD Fit: A Narrower Fit Catered towards Disposable Diaper Users

Stretch Waist: For the Potty Training Child


And the NEW Black Denim Pomona Jeans will Release this Wednesday in ALL 3 Styles!!!

This Release would not be complete without an accompanying Black and White Cloth Diaper.  Many Thanks to Ryder + Rowan for co-sponsoring this Giveaway.  The Etsy Store Owner, Nicole, personally makes each diaper to order. All products meet the CPSIA requirements.  And they are super duper cute!



Winner will receive this beautiful Cloth Diaper by Ryder + Rowan and their choice of Black Denim Pomona Jeans in ECO, TRAD, or Stretch Waist Style.


Open to US and Canada.


  • Kari Barone

    I have two boys. I am cloth diapering my youngest overnight and for naps.

  • Marnie Bergstrom

    I have 7 children. 5 grandchildren and 1 dog. I have been cloth diapering off and on for over 25 years.

  • Trisha Chamberlain

    Have kids and a dog. We cloth diaper our granddaughter.

  • Katrina P

    We have one daughter, we did cloth diaper part time. She’s 2.5 now so we’re getting into potty training territory. We also have 2 cats!

  • debra dubois

    I have kids and pets and we do use cloth diapers thanks and good luck all…

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