Big March Giveaway

Posted by Meghan Roberts on


The Big March Giveaway is here (better late than never right :)  And Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


This month's blog question is: What is your favorite "green" thing.  Feel free to be creative.....doesn't have to be the color green.


There will be two winners this month who will each receive the Pomonas of their choice!  YAY! 

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  • Cloth diapers!!!

    Nicole on
  • green grass! We’ll see it eventually.

    Julie Siewert on
  • Hrm, a toss up between the green AMP cloth diaper that somehow always manages to contain several days’ worth of poop. Poor thing seems to always be on DD when that happens!

    … or my green nailpolish I’ve got on right now!

    Alexa K on
  • Cloth diapers and wipes!

    Grace on
  • I make cloth diapers so I am going to have to go with that ;)

    Sarah Slavik on

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