Big March Giveaway

Posted by Meghan Roberts on


The Big March Giveaway is here (better late than never right :)  And Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


This month's blog question is: What is your favorite "green" thing.  Feel free to be creative.....doesn't have to be the color green.


There will be two winners this month who will each receive the Pomonas of their choice!  YAY! 

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    apmfybrlfg on
  • My favorite “green” thing would be my Pomona Jeans of course! =)
    They fit over my sons cloth diapers/wool like a dream, and they are Eco-friendly. They are made with organic materials, they save money, & they save the planet! One pair of Pomona’s easily takes the place of 4 regular pairs of jeans, cutting down on raw materials, fuel and transportation costs, and our carbon footprint in general! They are also super adorable, while being functional & practical. I will never buy my son anything else…
    Thank you so much for your dedication & talent in making such an awesome product! We are definitely Project Pomona Jeans customers for life =)

    Christina W. on
  • Brussels Sprouts!

    Charity on
  • Favorite green thing is my peachy green cloth diapers

    Scarlett bowling on
  • Broccoli

    Michelle Dulin on

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