Big January Giveaway

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Project Pomona would like to thank everyone for such an awesome year!  It was a ton of fun.  It has been great connecting with each and every customer and fan.  You are all wonderful!  There is a lot in store for 2013....!!!


Let's start the year of right with a fabulous Pomona giveaway!


This month the giveaway is for (2) Winners- Pomonas of your choice; (2) Winners- Pomona Gift Certificates !!


a Rafflecopter giveaway



 What are customers saying about Pomonas?

"Just ordered our second pair of Pomonas! we ordered the size one with lime cuff accent (we wanted them to be neutral so we can use them for baby#2 we love them so much) for our cloth-diapered little girl and they have taken a beating and still look brand new... over 20lbs later and I just ordered size twos as we've finally outgrown our first pair. ...I recommend these to everyone and have gotten compliments from all my mommy friends :) " ( PP FB Fan Post)

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  • My 2 1/2 yr old has started saying “what are you talking to me about” when he is trying to figure out conversations going on around him. Very cute!

    Tara on
  • I would love to see some carpenter style boys pants!

    Sabrina Radke on
  • I know this might not be super funny but my little one recently started saying ‘yea sure’ when asked if he wants something and it always makes us laugh!

    Sabrian Radke on
  • Somebody mentioned above and I TOTALLY concur: a pair of pants that have a lightweight fleece lining would be awesome for the super cold days here in Denver!

    Liana W. on
  • DS is only 14 months, but he’s been picking up on more and more words. While visiting family over Christmas, he kept trying to reach for my dad’s cup. My dad would say, “No. Papa’s glass.” DS would pout and give a good holler, then point to my dad and say, “Papa ass.” It was so funny and my dad totally encouraged it!

    Liana W. on

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