Big November Giveaway

Posted by Meghan Roberts on

What a fun Season that November brings!!  Can't believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  And here is the monthly giveaway for 4 Project Pomona Gift Certificates.  These are super cool because you can combine them with one additional Etsy Shop coupon.  Happy Entering.

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  • My favorite tradition is celebrating my son, daughter and mother’s birthdays all within days of each other!

    Ericka on
  • My favorite part of the meal is the mashed potatoes and gravy….

    Ericka on
  • My favorite tradition for Thanksgiving is getting together with family and friends at my folk’s house. We have upwards of 30 people with kids and it’s so much fun. Not to mention our yearly shot of wild turkey :-)

    Amanda Blackburn on
  • I’m thankful for an amazing husband that turned out to be an extraordinary father

    Patty Comparan on
  • My favorite part is the after dinner talk around the table with tummys full of great food

    Patty Comparan on

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