Big August Giveaway

Posted by Meghan Roberts on

School is on the horizon and what could be better than a little 'Pomona Cash' to purchase your little one's next pair of jeans!! Here's to another great month of simplified entries to win ONE of FOUR 'cash' prizes.

Enter to win a $10 Gift Certificate to Project Pomona.  

4 Winners each month!  You only have to enter once all month long!  Now that's easy!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners: Lily I, Mrs. M, Jenny K, and Samantha J.   (posted 9/4/12)

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  • My little one in cloth now is my first girl, after 2 boys she is such a change! Her clothes are so bright, even the laundry lint looks different. She is so little that all of her clothes are from my baby shower but I love to see her in pinks, blues, purple and even yellow. I always thought I hated yellow but is just look so cute on her.

    Andrea K. on
  • Blues and greens for our boy, with greys and browns thrown in. His eyes are somewhere between all those colours.

    Eff on
  • Blue!

    Jennifer kenny on
  • I have twins, so I love to put my Ben in blue and Jack in green – it helps others tell them apart easily and they look great in their respective colors!

    Abigail on
  • I love bright colors for my girls. They both have olive complexions and look great in brights colors like hot pinks, teals, oranges, etc.

    Lily Ivey on

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