Big July Giveaway

Posted by Meghan Roberts on

 $10 Tuesdays Are Back!

Well...sorta, but only better! 

You're busy, Pomona is busy and there are a 'million' giveaways to enter each week.  

So, let's streamline!  

Introducing the easiest and coolest giveaway yet:  

Enter once each month for your chance to win 1 of 4 prizes of $10 in Pomona Cash.  
Yep!  At the end of each month, not 1 but winners will be chosen!  

Tell your friends, pass it on...Pomonas ROCK and the world needs to know!!!

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  • LOVE tree frog jeans with the wood cuffs. too cute!

    jen gardner on
  • I really love Eco Rockstar, but the bugs is adorable, too! And I love the lizard/gecko one! So many adorable choices!

    Liana W. on
  • Love that little scooter graphic. The kumquat color is my fav. :)

    Sarah S. on
  • I love the lizards! Of course the dogs are adorable too. Who can decide!?!?

    Katie on
  • I love the jeans with the kumquat cuff! I can’t wait to buy a pair when the weather cools off and he needs to wear clothes again :-)

    Amanda Blackburn on

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